Cargo transportation

Well-organized cargo transportation creates pre-conditions for efficient development of any company whose business depends on timely deliveries of goods. In comparison with regional deliveries of goods, international cargo transportation requires fulfillment of much stricter rules and regulations that can vary from country to country.

The Eurasia company offers assistance of qualified specialists who will take care of the whole process of customer’s cargo transportation - from the choice of a mode of transportation and the type of delivery to the delivery of goods to the consignee.

Particularities of Cargo Transportation

First, it is necessary to take into consideration a country's transport accessibility and cargo delivery speed, specifics of customs clearance procedures, requirements to imported goods, etc. These factors influence the choice of a mode of transport: by sea, by road, by air, or by train. The choice of means of transport depends on cargo characteristics: it can be consolidated, hazardous, over-size or off-size, etc.

According to international regulations, to perform cargo transportation, it might be required to produce at border crossing a driving license, a permission on some groups of goods (if required), registration certificates for transport and transported cargo. These documents will be needed during the whole process of cargo transportation.

It has to be mentioned that the process of documents’ preparation is rather complicated, and it has some particularities that even experienced transportation companies might not be aware of. That is why by entrusting your deliveries with us, you will eliminate any risks of delivery delays.

Every country has its business-related specific features. Recently, deliveries from China have become very popular – China is one of the largest producers of goods. Many companies collaborate with Chinese companies as their goods allow them to gain high profits. To make your business even more profitable, it is worth ordering cargo transportation services from a company that has well-established logistics routes.

What are the Benefits of Cooperation with us?

We have received many positive feedback reports from our customers for the last years, and we are well known as reliable partners in the market of cargo transportation. Highly qualified specialists, availability of well-operating logistics schemes and excellent collaboration with many transportation companies and customs authorities – these are the keys to our success.

We will assist in choosing the best suitable mode of transportation of your goods from Russia to Europe or from/to any other location. We can estimate the cost of cargo transportation with the maximum precision. We will accompany your goods throughout the entire route to the place of its final destination.