Sea Cargo Transportation

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The Eurasia company renders a number of services involving cargo transportation by water. Sea cargo transportation is an inexpensive method of delivering large consignments of goods.

Specialists from the Eurasia company will find an optimum route and cargo delivery method, help to reduce customer's costs.


There are two types of sea shipments:

  1. Domestic shipments. They take place within the borders of a single country.
  2. International shipments. They include shipments and delivery from foreign countries.

Depending on types of goods being shipped, sea deliveries are divided into four types:

  1. Container transfer. Containers may be fully loaded by a single consignee or include several less-then-container loads. Less-than-container loads (LCLs) consist of several cargo consignments belonging to different cargo owners.
  2. Transportation of bulk cargo not requiring special packaging: ore, coal, grain, etc.
  3. Transportation of rolling cargo: production equipment, various kinds of machinery, heavy-tonnage products.
  4. Transportation of liquid cargo. It includes oil products and raw materials.

During consultations with the company specialists, you will receive more details about various routes and cargo transportation terms.


Financial advantage of sea transportation is evident when cargos are moved over large distances. e.g., if you need to make a transatlantic transfer, the sea route is the cheapest.

Besides, you can transport by sea large, heavy and hard-to-pack cargo that cannot be shipped by air or land or such a shipment is difficult.

Emergencies at sea are rare, and insurance programmes cover any risks.


The Eurasia company renders a number of services related to cargo shipments by sea, including:

  • Collection of goods from a consignee's warehouse;
  • Expert appraisal of goods marking, packing and documentation at the port of departure;
  • Insurance of cargo;
  • Comprehensive aid in customs clearance.

Among additional services offered by the company, there are consolidation and storage of cargo at its own spacious and convenient warehouses. The company also renders assistance in passing your cargo through quarantine control.


The Eurasia company guarantees compliance with the terms of agreements with customers. Cargo shipment by sea is a complex transportation and logistical process accompanied by preparation and filling out of a number of forwarding forms. Entrust it to the professionals!

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