The Eurasia company has a staff of experienced specialists rendering a wide range of services for individuals and corporate customers. With our help, you will easily adjust important company business processes, delegating a number of tasks to professionals in their fields. Extensive work experience allows us to solve our customers' problems with the maximum effect.

A package of logistics services for international cargo transportation. Turnkey process organization with regard to all requirements for cargo.

Delivery and precommissioning of equipment from the USA, China, Europe and South America.

Package services for fast delivery of waterproofing materials and construction raw materials to customers.

Services involving organization of production raw materials from the USA, India, China, Malaysia, South American and European countries.

Selection and checking of suppliers from China for solving your task, organization of goods delivery.

Precise and rapid quality inspection of goods you have ordered from China or the USA.

Services for reliable and safe storage of your data on servers located in the European Union.