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Freight forwarding services cover a wide range of services to include shipping and forwarding of cargo, starting from its receipt and finishing with its delivery to a required destination. This service has many features in common with the cargo transportation service but it consists of more cargo-related actions. The forwarding agent acts in accordance with a contract where additional responsibilities are stipulated.

When logistics and forwarding services are interconnected, it eliminates expenses that cannot be avoided when a company does everything itself without any well-proven schemes.

What does the Service Include?

First, assistance by a forwarding agent includes the most suitable selection of the right transport by talking into account cargo specifications (its size, quantity, hazardous class, etc). The agent defines the most appropriate mode of delivery and develops the best delivery route, which helps to save not only time but money as well.

The forwarding agent prepares and composes all necessary forwarding documents as well as cargo insurance. As the forwarding agent accompanies goods that are moved across country borders, the agent should be familiar with customs acts, should know basics of insurance and other specific details about long-distance cargo transportation.

Throughout the transportation process, the agent is responsible for cargo safety. The forwarding agent submits to the client all reports on time of delivery.

Advantages of our Company

With the help of the forwarding service ordered from the Eurasia Company, you can save significantly both time and money on cargo deliveries, as our specialists shall take responsibilities to perform all tasks related to cargo transportation across borders. It will also allow to eliminate any risks regarding cargo safety.

It is worth noting that all documents that are needed for crossing of countries’ borders are prepared by highly qualified specialists, which eliminates the risk of force-majeure circumstances. Legal support is provided at all delivery stages, which is important for giving a client confidence that all cargo transportation procedures are performed correctly.

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