Data Storage

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The Eurasia company offers virtual data storage server services. Many work processes include personal data processing: collection, recording, classification, storage, update and other actions according to the existing legislation.

For meeting all legislative requirements and obtaining an official certificate of conformity, one needs experience, time and various resources.


Having placed its information on the Eurasia company servers, our customer will protect his information systems data, minimizing risks connected with employees' errors or software failures.

Specialists solve a number of tasks:

  • They provide the client with a virtual machine ensuring reliable protection of personal data and confidential information.
  • They organize personal data storage and processing in an external data processing centre..

Organized data storage in a certified virtual infrastructure located in a remote data centre allows to streamline customer's office operation considerably.


When a customer orders a data storage service at the Eurasia company, he can be sure that his information is reliably protected. He does not need to construct his own full-fledged data system protection, carry out predevelopment analysis, develop a security threats model, etc. All work will boil down to developing standard documents, saving the customer's time and resources considerably.

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