Port Warehouse Services in Germany

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Germany is an important transhipment point in cargo traffic between Europe, Asia and the USA. Lübeck is a key transhipment terminal for cargo containers shipped by sea from Asia and the USA to the European Union. Besides, Germany produces a multitude of export goods; it is an important commercial partner for a number of countries.

The Eurasia company renders services involving transportation and safe warehousing of goods in Germany. Its port warehouse in Lübeck is equipped with everything necessary for short-term and long-term storage of goods in transit.


A spacious and convenient warehouse has been operating since 2019. It is a new storage facility with modern equipment. Its security system includes a burglar alarm and a video surveillance system. The storage space is equipped with a fire safety system meeting the requirements of German fire safety standards.

Qualified warehouse personnel monitor the state of goods, their storage conditions and deadlines, controls its shipment. Up-to-date load handling equipment ensures safety, integrity and correct placement of goods in the storage space.


The Eurasia company provides a wide range of transportation, storage and logistics services. Specialists provide comprehensive documentary support of logistics.

Customers are consulted in detail on any issues connected with storage of their cargo. Relevant and useful information allows to make optimum decisions.

Specialists help a customer company to save resources. Reduction of logistics cost thanks to outsourcing is an important benefit of cooperation with us. No need to keep your own warehouse, personnel and truck fleet, it is much more beneficial to entrust cargo transportation and storage to professionals.


The Eurasia company guarantees integrity and safety of your cargo at the warehouse in Germany irrespective of its cost, dimensions and weight. All obligations under a contract concluded with a customer will be fulfilled responsibly and punctually.

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