Container Transport

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Container shipment of goods is one of Eurasia Company’s priority activities. We are ready to undertake the responsibility for container shipping of customer’s goods by the most suitable means of transport.

Special Characteristics of Container Transport

The main advantage and particularity of this mode of cargo shipping is the use of standard-size packages that fit any type of transport. Transport containers are made of metal, and, hence, can withstand high mechanical loads. Due to this, shipments of goods are highly protected from any damages during transportation.

As a rule, international shipping of goods is based on ISO-containers – reusable containers of standard sizes, which allows to optimize space and automate loading-unloading operations. Depending on their usage, there are the following main types of shipping containers: classic, refrigerated and for liquids. Containers are usually transported by trucks, trains, or ships.

Our specialists will be responsible for choosing and ordering of the most suitable type of container and its shipment to the receiving agent. After a container has been shipped, it can be tracked by a tracker – a number that is issued upon completion of all shipping documents.

Security sealing is a compulsory procedure. Cargo is packed and unpacked only once; this is why risks of damages and losses of goods as well as customer’s expenses are kept significantly low. Any types of goods, including electronic devices and medical products, can be safely transported in containers.

Assistance in Organization of Transportation

Many years of experience allow us to offer to a customer an optimal logistics scheme depending on the type of cargo and customer’s requirements. Specialists will assist in choosing the most suitable mode of transport to deliver cargo in due time.

The final shipping cost depends on the type of cargo (a hazard class, size, weight, etc.), terms of delivery as per the Incoterms, delivery route, and mode of transport. In any case, container transport is the most efficient transport in the world today.

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