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Success of any company’s activities in the international market is pre-determined by the realization of professionally organized logistics. Whether it be export or import of goods, a highly professional organization of cargo shipment allows to minimize expenses, to secure timely delivery of goods, to avoid risks related to the storage of goods, and to decrease the final cost of goods with any type of transportation.

It is the Eurasia Company’s priority activity to offer the whole volume of transport and logistics services at the international level.

Special Features of Transport-Logistics Services

Any size cargo, from the smallest to the oversized, can be an object of transport-logistics services. Shipments of oversized cargo are internationally considered to be the most complicated ones, hence, they are performed with the involvement of specialists. The oversized cargo may include metal structures, special equipment, production machines, etc.

Specialists of the Eurasia Company will perform all tasks related to the shipment of Customer’s goods: they will choose a forwarding company depending on the type of cargo, they will define the most optimal mode and route of transport, receive necessary licenses and certificates, and they will monitor every stage of delivery.

Customs clearance of import or export goods might be a complicated procedure for an owner of goods. The lack of knowledge of laws and regulations might result in improper execution of forwarding documents, and, as a result, might lead to long stays of cargo at the customs. This might cause the damage of cargo, penalties, production losses, and other problems.

To eliminate risks of cargo delays, many companies that operate in the international market authorize our company to perform this process.

How can we assist our customers?

Many years of experience and well-established collaboration with transport companies enable us to organize shipments of goods of any volume and to any destination.

Specialists of the Eurasia Company will help to minimize logistics expenses by choosing the most suitable mode and route of shipment. Legal support is provided at all stages of cooperation.

With logistics and transport of goods being entrusted with us, our customers do not have to worry about these questions anymore!

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