Customs clearance

Eurasia Company’s specialists have comprehensive knowledge of the procedures of customs clearance of goods exported from Russia, and they are ready to assist their customers in it.

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The Eurasia Company offers expert services to organize and perform customs clearance of goods imported to Europe.

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Customs Clearance OF GOODS

Customs clearance is generally defined as a comprehensive range of actions performed by entities involved in foreign economic activities with the aim to move goods or means of transport across borders. This procedure is applicable to all goods and cargo that are moved across the borders of the Customs Unit, with both export and import being its object regardless of the method of transportation.

The Eurasia Company is a team of professionals in the field of customs clearance. We assist our clients with timely deliveries of goods to consignees, help them deal with the Customs to eliminate any difficulties, and represent their interests at every stage of the delivery of goods.

Particularities of Customs Clearance of Goods

In order to make customs clearance of goods easier, it is important to prepare and present a required set of documents to officers of the Customs Board. The list of documents includes certificates and forwarding shipping documents. A customs declaration of goods is also required. A declaration of goods is processed together with payment of customs duties on import.

As a rule, customs clearance of goods consists of five main stages:

  • registration;

  • check of documents;

  • payments of taxes and duties;

  • check of correctness of documents by officers of the Customs Board;

  • release of goods into free circulation.

As usual, all these procedures are performed either by the owner of goods or by a customs agent. The latter is an officer of a company that performs customs clearance of goods, for example, a specialist of the Eurasia Company.

Cost of customs clearance depends directly on the volume of required work; however, with the help of a customs agent, it can be reduced in terms of time and money - import regulations often change, and it is rather difficult for clients to follow all updates and changes.

Assistance with Customs Clearance

Customs agents of the Eurasia Company are specialists who know about any changes in fill-in instructions of customs clearance documents, and, thus, they can help owners of goods to eliminate mistakes in preparation of customs documents, which might result in delays of cargo release by customs authorities and lead to the loss of profit.