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Customs clearance of export goods is performed in designated customs offices. Customs clearance is required at every movement of goods across the borders of the Customs Union.

There are many differences between customs clearance of export and import goods in terms of what sets of documents should be submitted to perform it. Eurasia Company’s specialists have comprehensive knowledge of the procedures of customs clearance of goods exported from Russia, and they are ready to assist their customers in it.

Particularities of Customs Clearance of Export Goods

There are many particularities in customs processing of export goods depending on the nature of cargo and goods, each of which has its own specific features. Customs authorities can impose various tariff and non-tariff restrictions.

For example, in accordance with effective legal acts and regulations, such restrictions can be applied to the following groups of goods:

  • agricultural crops — phytosanitary certificates are required;

  • livestock agriculture goods — veterinary certificates are required;

  • plant seeds — an extract or certificate issued by the RF Seed Fund is required;

  • antiques and objects of cultural value — an exemption letter issued by the Ministry of Culture of the RF is required to certify that a cultural object does not have a historical value.

What Complications Might Happen?

Customs clearance of export goods of dual usage and of intellectual property is the most time-consuming procedure, which requires collection of many documents. This is a group of goods that includes practically all electro-technical goods.  

Complications might happen in the process of receiving certificates from the FSTEC of Russia or from the Export Control (ExCont). In case of intellectual property objects, it might take time and effort to receive permissions from the owner of a trademark, which is the object of restrictions.

Assistance of Qualified Specialists

The Eurasia Company is an expert in goods transportation from Russia. Our specialists are ready to provide assistance to our clients with export of goods by solving difficult situations and guaranteeing timely deliveries of goods. 

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