International Cargo Transportation

Company specialists are engaged in organization and execution of sea transportation of your cargo. We render comprehensive assistance in preparation of goods for shipment and their customs clearance. Cargo insurance services.

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A full package of services for motor transportation of cargo to deliver it to your warehouse. Our specialists will map an optimum route, prepare all necessary documents, organize the transportation process.

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Fast delivery of your cargo by air transport. Comprehensive services involving organization of customers' cargo transportation by air, including preparation of documents, cargo packaging and labelling, its pickup from the consignor's warehouse.

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Goods storage services at the Lübeck seaport. The port warehouse is equipped with modern facilities; its security system includes video surveillance and burglar alarm. Warehouse premises meet strict German standards.

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Comprehensive warehouse storage services in an Estonian port. We offer you to use a spacious and well-equipped warehouse equipped with up-to-date security systems.

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Organization of rail shipments for solving any of your tasks. This is one of the most popular and cost-effective methods of transporting large amounts of goods.

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Specialists from our company render a package of logistics services as 3PL and 4PL operators. We have a staff of professionals who are ready to solve any problem of our customers promptly and efficiently.

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Since 2011, the Eurasia company has been holding a sustainable position in the market of logistics services. We offer solutions to a whole package of logistics tasks connected with organization of cargo transportation from point to point. Optimization of cargo transportation with our help reduces customers' costs, allowing them to save on keeping a sizeable staff of employees.


The company renders services as a 3PL and 4PL supplier. We have all the resources needed and a staff of experienced professionals for that.

The main field of a 3PL provider's activities is comprehensive outsourcing. Apart from undertaking cargo transportation tasks, we offer a wide range of logistics solutions:

  • Analysis and elaboration of an optimum logistic chain along the route from the customer's warehouse to the consignee's warehouse. We compare all possible transportation options.
  • Collection of forwarding documents for cargo transportation and insurance. The list of required documents depends on specific cases.
  • Help in customs clearance of cargo.
  • Cargo storage at a convenient and spacious warehouse (if necessary), its marking and additional packaging, delivery to a destination point.
  • Customer support - informing customers about cargo progress to its destination.

As a 4PL supplier, we plan and develop the whole process of products delivery to the end consumer. The customer delegates to the company broad powers in management of business processes in the field of logistics.


The Eurasia company performs multimodal international transportation by any kind of transport. Customers may order both a package of services and a solution of a certain logistics task.

Cooperation with out company will allow the customer to focus on its principal activities, saving time and resources. Implementation of cutting-edge logistics technologies will help to improve your company's competitiveness.