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The Eurasia company offers a platform for setting up and maintenance of a remote desktop. It ensures fully functional office work on a remote server.

A remote desktop will allow you to use files and documents stored on your computer from anywhere in the world and using any gadget.


Specialists from the Eurasia company create for every customer a remote server that contains desktops for the whole staff of your organization's employees. In fact, the customer's operating devices are connected to a protected cloud, and the whole work is performed on it.

For data protection, we use cryptographic coding algorithms, backup and duplication of disk drives in real time mode.


Using a remote desktop saves customers' costs. There is no need to buy high-performance PCs, servers, software and their subsequent upgrade. Therefore, customers do not have to employ IT specialists, saving labour costs.

Requirements for employees' operating devices are minimal because they are just "mirrors" of the desktop installed on a remote server. The main load is borne by our company's equipment.

Customers get personnel control: all user data is open for the managers.

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