Road Cargo Transportation

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Cargo transportation by motor transport is an inexpensive and rather fast way of delivering goods to their destination. It allows to transport general, assorted, oversize and small-scale cargo in the shortest time possible.

During the years of its operation, the Eurasia company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner. We offer international and domestic motor cargo transportation, as well as a number of additional services connected with logistics. With us, cargo transportation process will become simpler and more convenient!


The comprehensive approach is imperative when planning cargo transportation by road. One must take peculiarities of legislation in various countries, traffic congestion, situation at border checkpoint and many other factors into account. To avoid delays on the way and at customs, apply to professionals!

Organization of a shipment consists of 4 stages:

  1. Selection of motor transport. with regard for cargo volume, weight, and distance to destination.
  2. Calculation of an optimum travel route.
  3. Making out all necessary documents, including those needed for customs clearance.
  4. Prompt transportation of cargo.

Additional services include expert assessment of goods packing and marking, aid in bringing the cargo marks and packing in conformity with the customs standards.


Motor transport can be provided at any time of the day if it is necessary to carry out urgent delivery of goods. This sets motor transportation apart from other cargo transportation methods.

It is possible to use various routes, to pick the fastest and the most cost effective one. Motor transportation is the most common and the most cost effective mode of deliveries over short distances.


The cost of cargo transportation is influenced by a multitude of factors:

  • Cargo type: weight, dimensions, fragility, hazard class, etc.;
  • Transportation distance;
  • Urgency of the order;
  • Special measures, e.g., during transportation of live, fragile or hazardous cargo.

Specialists from Eurasia company will pick motor transport needed to carry any type of cargo, take into account any customers' wishes regarding deadlines and conditions.


The Eurasia company guarantees safety of cargo during motor transportation. Customers can track the location of their cargo round the clock.

All obligations under a contract concluded with the customer will be fulfilled responsibly and punctually. Our specialists will propose additional insurance for an expensive or fragile cargo.

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