Virtual Automatic Telephone Exchange

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The Eurasia company offers cloud telephony that allows to organize office operation quickly and cheaply, without additional hardware costs. Virtual automatic telephone exchange is voice over IP. Unlike an analogue telephone exchange, it does not have to be located in a separate room: it is located on the operator's servers.


Installing a virtual automatic telephone exchange allows you to solve a lot of tasks:

  • Take up to 100 calls at the same time per each connected number;
  • Automatic distribution of calls between company departments and individual executives;
  • Holding audio conferences and group chats;
  • Recording calls with their subsequent playback option.

An important advantage is keeping logs that allow to evaluate office employees' work results objectively.


First and foremost, connection is done quickly. Customers save money on purchase of expensive equipment and do not spend time laying cables. It is possible to connect additional new telephones as the customer's business grows.

You can connect a virtual automatic telephone exchange to any country's local analogue telephone network. That is, e.g., you can make calls from a telephone line located in Finland when you are in Estonia. This can cut office costs of international telephone calls considerably and allow you set up a remote office.

Unlike an analogue automatic telephone exchange, a virtual one is not bound to the office address. In case you move to another place or even another city, you do not need to change your employees' telephone number.

The Eurasia company guarantees stable operation of a virtual automatic telephone exchange. Specialists ensure round-the-clock maintenance. The customer will have a personal manager to who it will be possible to apply on any matter connected with cloud telephony.

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