Transportation of Goods in Europe/European Union

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Import of goods to the European Union from the Russian Federation, which is not a member of the EU, requires a mandatory customs clearance of imported goods. In order to perform all customs formalities, the owner of goods has to produce some documents that might be required by customs authorities of a country.

The Eurasia Company offers expert services to organize and perform customs clearance of goods imported to Europe.

Particularities of Customs Clearance of Import

A standard procedure of customs clearance of import might include preparation of a customs clearance declaration, presentation of a complete set of forwarding documentation per every type of goods, and follow-up payment of taxes and customs duties on import of goods. Upon payment of all taxes and duties, the owner of goods or its customs representative receives all necessary documents that release goods into free circulation on the territory of EU states.

Customs payments are effected within 10 days since the approval of a customs declaration by customs authorities. Customs duties are collected only in cases when goods are included in the list of goods allowed for free circulation.  To make an approximate estimate of customs clearance of imported goods, the cost of goods, duty rates (in accordance with the effective customs duty), and current foreign currency exchange rates shall be taken into account. 

Customs expenses are shown by an importer as payment for goods listed in the invoice. The cost might also include insurance expenses and transportation costs to deliver goods to the customs border of the EU.

If goods are prohibited under an embargo or due to ecological safety concerns, the payment of the customs duty is not required, and the goods can be confiscated.

Specialists of our company are ready to perform the procedure of customs clearance of imported goods. They will check the presence and correctness of necessary documentation, prepare and submit a customs declaration, represent client’s interests at each and every stage of cargo import to EU states. With our assistance, goods will be timely delivered to consignees.

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