Air Cargo Transportation

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Air transportation is a possibility to deliver cargo to its destination quickly and safely. Thanks to our close cooperation with the world's air companies and the competent logistics department, cargo transportation to its destination will take just a few hours.

The Eurasia company has a vast experience in the field of air cargo transportation. Our specialists also work with special categories of cargo, easily solving even the most complicated tasks.


Air delivery offered by the Eurasia company is a package of the following services:

  • Routing transportation, choice of locations for short-term or long-term cargo storage;
  • Preparation of a package of necessary documents, including customs clearance;
  • Cargo packing and marking;
  • Cargo pickup from the consignor's warehouse;
  • Cargo delivery to the airport, documenting and loading;
  • Cargo tracking, control, enforcement of deadlines for delivery to the consignee's warehouse;
  • Consulting and informing customers at any stage of cargo transportation.

Additional services may be rendered to customers if necessary, such as: goods and risks insurance, expert assessment and upgrade of cargo packing and marking, delivery "on a turnkey basis" (door-to-door).


Company employees will calculate the cost of services on the basis of information provided by the customer on delivery terms, destination, cargo weight and dimensions, and a hazard class.

When calculating, experts will always check out the feasibility of air transportation, compare all possible transportation options, and offer the optimum method of delivery.

Cooperation with us allows to save up to 20% corporate administrative resources. Your specialists will be able to focus on more important tasks.


Air shipment is the fastest and the most convenient method of goods transportation. Having chosen this method of delivery, the customer will be sure that the goods will not be deformed or damaged during transportation.

Thanks to many years of close cooperation with customs authorities and air companies, customs clearance is effected without any delay as soon as possible. Company experts will prepare documents correctly, help you avoid delays and fines at customs, will pick the most advantageous option of clearance.

The goods and all kinds of risks are subject to compulsory insurance. The customers will get all necessary information about insurance and advice on choosing the insurance rate.

The Eurasia company carries out transpiration of all cargo types, including hazardous ones. Contact our experts for a detailed consultation!;

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