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For a company's growth and development of its activities, a well-organized logistics structure is required. International cargo transportation is becoming more and more topical with the expansion of trade and the rapid development of relations between countries.

Assistance in the Organization of International Deliveries of Goods

Today companies need new long-term trade links, that is why delivery service and customs clearance of goods are much demanded today. 

Eurasia Company’s specialists have vast working experience in transport logistics and customs clearance areas, which allows our clients to have their goods delivered practically to any destination in the world.

Deliveries of Goods from China

China today is one of the largest suppliers of goods to the Russian and European markets. Not surprisingly, the service of delivering goods from China and their customs clearance is in high demand.

Many companies offer deliveries of oversized goods from China, but only a few of them offer a well-organized logistics scheme. Our company is among the latter – since 2011, we have been dealing with such deliveries, and we can perform deliveries of goods from/ to any place by any mode of transportation.

The most popular mode of transportation is cargo transportation by sea, as it is very time and cost efficient. In this case, goods are delivered to the nearest to the consignee port, and then the goods are transported by road to an end destination.  

Deliveries of Goods from the USA

American goods are in high demand among Russian and European buyers, that is why cargo transportation from the USA is very popular. In this area, we are ready to offer the most beneficial delivery terms by leading cargo transportation companies that perform deliveries of goods from the USA.  

Taking into consideration long distances, deliveries are usually performed by air or sea transport. Our company specialists will offer the most suitable option to satisfy customer’s needs and budget requirements.

Deliveries of Goods from Europe

Today many companies actively trade with European Union states; hence, the availability of an efficient logistics scheme is very much needed. To deliver goods from the European Union, our clients use various modes of transportation, including air, road, and sea transport. Upon request, goods can also be delivered by railway transport.   

In case of deliveries by road, some special requirements should be taken into consideration, including high environmental requirements set to the means of transport.

Advantages of Cooperation with us

Many years of experience allow us to apply well-developed delivery schemes, which significantly reduces your expenses. In addition, due to a well-chosen transportation route, deliveries are performed the most accurately and without delays. During the delivery process, our company’s specialist controls the process, and legal advisers take due care of legal formalities while forwarding goods.

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