Railway Cargo Transportation

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Railway cargo transportation is a cost-effective method of transporting large consignments of goods. The Eurasia company has been working in the field of logistics for 9 years, it has an extensive experience in the organization of railway cargo transportation. Our specialists will help you transport cargo of any dimensions to any remote place in your country and organize delivery of goods from Asian and European countries.


Railway transportation is effected strictly to schedule, in any weather conditions and without delay. These are advantages of railway transportation from delivery by air or by road transport.

In case of long-distance transfers, the cost of delivery by rail is lower than that by road or air.

Statistics of accidents bears witness to the fact that rail transportation is much safer than road transportation. Accident and emergency situation en route occur extremely rarely.


Railway shipments are of four kinds:

  1. Containerized. Goods are transported in general purpose containers. A single waggon or a whole train may be employed.
  2. Single-waggon. The cargo is loaded in a single waggon.
  3. Collective. Several waggons are used for transportation.
  4. Fixed-route. A whole train is loaded. Such shipments are subject to special freight rates and rules.

Specialists from the Eurasia company will help you to choose the best option for cargo transportation, find a route and transportation mode.


The cost of transportation is calculated on the ground of the data provided by a customer. You have to define a route and specify parameters of cargo: dimensions, weight, class, etc.

For approval of transportation of goods requiring special conditions, you have to provide a material safety data sheet and goods certificates that include their characteristics.

Consult our specialist to get all information about transportation cost and conditions!


Railway service is a complicated system but it can save a considerable amount of your time and funds if used correctly.

Company specialists will elaborate the fastest and the most effective route for delivery of your goods. They will help you to prepare shipping documentation and pass through customs without delay and extra expenses. We shall organize load handling work and provide a detailed consultation on cargo insurance.

The Eurasia company also performs deliveries on a "turnkey" basis, organizing cargo transportation from the customer's warehouse to the consignee's warehouse.

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