Bauhuis B.V.

Bauhuis B.V. is a large-scale producer of various equipment: arc welding machines, pumps, gas purifiers, dust collectors. The company has also designed its own range of headwear.

Bauhuis B.V.

Bauhuis B.V. is a private company located in the Netherlands. It has all the resources needed for a large-scale production of equipment for coating and processing pipes. The company has 75 experienced engineers.

Bauhuis B.V. offers:

  • industrial arc welding equipment;
  • liquid filters;
  • pump plants;
  • dust collectors;
  • cooling tunnels;
  • conveyors;
  • casting equipment.

Customers are provided with after-sale service of equipment. Spare parts are also delivered on time. Experienced specialists consult customers how they can modernize their factories with the help of modern reliable equipment made by Bauhuis B.V.

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